Another HUGE multi-starrer in cooking?

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Another HUGE multi-starrer in cooking?

The trend of multi-starrers has caught up with all industries and buzz now is that the brain seed for a huge pan-Indian multi-starrer has been laid down to multiple actors across industries, BIG names, and if this pans out anywhere near expected, expect the buzz to nowhere be near normal.

Yes, behold as we state the names in the cooking as it is none other than Shankar who is said to have floated the idea and the actors in the reckoning are none other than Ranveer Singh, Ram Charan Tej, Yash and Surya. 

WOW is a small word that crossed the mind and millions of fans across the nation would be dying to see these stars together on the silver screen.

The story seems to be the adoption of novel Velpari which is the story of the head of a tribe who bravely fought against the assimilation of three major Tamil dynasties, Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas. 

Initial buzz was that Surya was supposed to be playing the lead role in the movie but with Shankar’s association with heroes in multiple industries now, the canvas seemed to have taken a step up, something alike the Ponniyan Selvan.

All said, this must be said to be a HUGE news and fans would be dying to see this come true to make a delightful watch on the big screen.

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