Rorschach - A thrilling test to watch

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Rorschach - A thrilling test to watch

Movie: Rorschach 

Rating: 3.5/5

Cast: Mammootty, Grace Antony, Bindhu Panicker, Jagadish, Sanju Sivram, Kottayam Nazeer, Sharafudheen, Ira Noor.

Director: Nisham Basheer 

Music: Mithun Mukundan 

Producer: Mammootty

Malayalam megastar Mammootty starrer Rorschach movie released in OTT. This movie, which got a good success in theatrical release last month, is now streaming in OTT in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi in Disney Plus Hot star. Nisham Bashir has made this movie in the psycho thriller genre. Mammootty also produced it. Let's see how the movie is. 


NRI Luke Antony (Mammootty) comes on a Kerala tour with his wife. While going on a forest path, he gets into a car accident and falls unconscious. When he wakes up, he does not see his wife. However, when the police say that they have not found anything about his wife, Antony steps into the field himself. He stays in the forest since then. With this, the police start to question Antony's behavior and start questioning him. And what happened to Antony's wife? Why did Antony come to Kerala? Why do the police suspect Antony? What happened in the end has to be seen on the screen.


Generally, psychological thriller movies need a good story with twists and action without many dialogues, they also require exciting background music and camera work which help the narrative.

But, above all these, suspense or crime thrillers require an interesting screenplay. 

Rorschach does tick all the boxes which are needed for a good thriller. It is as sharp as the title. 

The movie starts with the police station scene. Initially, the narration takes its time to settle like the lead role in the movie. Questions regarding the behavior of main character Luke and even the villagers, who have each different story of their own.

But it becomes more exciting when the Balan character dies. After that, the audience and the characters start sensing something suspicious about Luke. Though slowly, the narration unravels the links in a non-linear way.

At the halfway point, it tends to become clearer as the things are not what they seem to be. We do get clues about the mysterious behavior of Luke. Occasionally we empathize with him, sometimes we are scared of him, while at a few places we are curious about him.

Though the main point of the movie is about a revenge story, the weaving is so deft and novel that the revenge part is hidden underneath some interesting layers.

Not only the Luke's character, but there are other exciting character arcs as well. Like Seetha, a seemingly caring mother who worries about her kids, but she doesn't hesitate to go to any extremes if she senses some danger to her kids. After that, we have Sujatha's thread who is a single wife battling against her in-laws, the factory workers issues of her husband's name and lastly a possible psycho second husband. 

Her character itself has a potential of making a full movie. Coming back to the film, the penultimate sequence between Luke and Seetha forms the main foundation for the entire film and proceedings. The final moments also gave a good impact, with finally Luke achieving what he had intended to do.

Mammootty, the producer and Hero of the movie did a one-man show. Luke Antony character has different variations and his performance was fantastic. Bindu Phanikar was terrific, and Grace Antony was perfect. Sharafuddin, Jagadeesh and others did justice to their roles. 

Mithun Mukundan did justice to this psychological thriller with his background score. Cinematography by Nimish Ravi is also good. However, it would have been better if the length of the film took care of.


Story line


Background score



Slow Narration

Some Confusing Elements

Final Note:

Rorschach is an effective psychological thriller that has its share of flaws, like the test which its name suggests, but it is nevertheless an intriguing experience.

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