Wakanda forever - Decent tribute to the King

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Rating - 3/5

Directed by Ryan Coogler

Screenplay by Ryan Coogler,Joe Robert Cole

Story by Ryan Coogler

Produced by Kevin Feige,Nate Moore

Starring         Letitia Wright,Lupita Nyong'o,Danai Gurira,Winston Duke,Florence Kasumba,Dominique Thorne

Cinematography Autumn Durald Arkapaw

Edited by     Michael P. Shawver,Kelley Dixon,Jennifer Lame

Music by Ludwig Göransson

Production company Marvel Studios

We have now reached the end of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which has been pretty disappointing to say the least, the movies now are formulaic where the dialogues are written by a 11 year old and screenplay is exported out of an AI. Does Wakanda Forever follow the same suit? Let's find out.

Story : After the death of T'Challa the kingdom of Wakanda is without a black panther for the first time in centuries, as the new Queen mother takes over the kingdom's responsibilities Shuri is still reeling with the guilt and sadness of losing her brother. Outside of Wakanda, the first world countries have set their eyes on the vibranium reserves of Wakanda and are conducting their own search to find the reserves elsewhere - this search triggers an unknown kingdom under the ocean who also have built a sprawling empire using Vibranium and ruled by a charismatic and ambitious King Namor. Who is Namor? What are his intentions and how does Shurie try to find closure to her brothers death and get the kingdom back to previous glory forms the rest of the plot.

Analysis : The story may seem formulaic as always but the brilliant portrayal of Namor by Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta is a breath of fresh air in the movie, he is spectacular in his swagger and action set pieces and you can feel his pain and sorrow in his dialogues while on the other hand Shurie's portrayal by Lititia Wright is passable - you don't feel her sorrow as much as you should her strength was playing a little sister with all the enthusiasm and you take it away and put her in a place where there is only sadness she doesn't move you with her performance like she should. Angela Bassett as Queen mother does her part well to take this qualm off and the rest of the cast are as decent as you would get in a marvel movie. The writing is amateurish, we are bombarded me the same old marvel troupe of not letting the emotion sink in by adding a joke at the end of every other scene, guys this should be done by now and it's getting irritating and also frankly spoiling good scenes. The visuals of Talakon look brilliant on the big screen, you can enjoy a under water experience and the opening action piece in a deep sea miner is the best action sequence of the movie.

The climax sequence is again a routine lengthy setup with no innovation, you have already seen this all in the last 20 odd movies and "shudder to think" watch it in the next 20 as well. It would be good if they change the format a bit, the last two scenes setup a nice send off for Chadwick Boseman and good hope for the parts ahead - Wakanda Forever is a good watch for marvel fans who are disappointed with Phase 4. This one doesn't reinvent the wheel but surely a movie should? Before the franchise turns junk.

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