Yatra 2 - Neat but a plain journey

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Yatra 2 Poster

Movie: Yatra 2
Rating: 2.5/5
Cast: Jiiva, Mammootty, Ketika Naryan, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ashritha Vemuganti, Suzanne Robert, and others
Director:  Mahi V Raghav
Produced By: Shiva Meka
Release Date: 8th February 2024


The movie revolves around the 2009 AP election campaign, which takes place after the death of Chief Minister Rajashekara Reddy (Mammootty). It delves into the subsequent events in Jagan Mohan Reddy's (Jiiva) life, including his political journey and personal experiences.


Jiiva was good with his performance as his mannerisms depicting the real-life Jagan are appreciable. He was very effective in the emotional sequences. Mammootty also delivered a commendable performance. His dialogues during his interactions with the public are emotional and bring the required high impact. Ashrita Vemuganti, Ketaki Narayan, Subhaleka Sudhakar, Sachin Khedhekar, Mahesh Manjrekar, and others were appropriate.

What worked for the film:

Director Mahi V Raghav was successful in extracting natural performances from the lead actors. The way he built the first half was also praiseworthy, as the momentum never came down with continuous emotional and heroic elevation scenes. The director also handled some scenes in the second half well. Santhosh Narayanan breathes life into the movie through his soulful musical score and captivating songs.

What did not work for the film:

Mahi V Raghav failed to address some significant events in YS Jagan's life. It would have been more beneficial if he had focused on a few crucial political and personal matters that could have brought the required effectiveness to the movie. What looked like an impactful drama in the first half becomes a mere newsreel after a point, and the film never picks up in the latter half except for the initial part. 

Yatra 2 Movie Review and Verdict:

Yatra 2 attempts to present YS Jagan's personal and political journey following the demise of his father, Rajashekara Reddy. Mammootty and Jiiva's exceptional performances, Santhosh Narayanan's compelling music, and a well-made first half work for the film. However, the lack of emotional connection in certain intense scenes, a flat second half, and some unexplored events in YS Jagan's life work as drawbacks. Yatra 2 will undoubtedly be an engaging film for fans and supporters of YS Jagan and his party. However, regular audiences may perceive it as an average movie.

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