Prathinidhi 2 - Vague and Flawed

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Prathinidhi 2 Movie Review - Nara Rohith's Prathinidhi 2 Movie Review

Movie: Prathinidhi 2
Rating: 1.25/5
Cast: Nara Rohit, Sree, Sapthagiri, Tanikella Bharani, Indraja, Uday Bhanu, Ajay and others
Director: Murthy Devagupthapu
Produced By: Kumar Raja Batthula, Anjaneyulu Srithota, Surendranath Bolineni
Release Date: 10th May 2024


Journalist Chay, also known as Chetan (Nara Rohit), is a man who embodies integrity and ethics in his work. His childhood experiences drive him to pursue a career in journalism. Upon assuming the role of CEO at NNC media outlet, he delves deep into uncovering the corrupt practices of political figures in the State. When an assassination attempt is made on Chief Minister Prajapathi (Sachin Khedekar), chaos ensues. What motives led to the attempt on the CM's life? Who are the individuals responsible for the murder plot? What revelations does the CBI investigation bring to light? How does Che contribute to revealing the truth? This is the essence of the story.


After a significant hiatus, Nara Rohit makes a powerful comeback to the silver screen. His intense dialogue delivery in a few scenes leaves a lasting impression, even though his character doesn't have much room to shine. Sachin Khedekar, on the other hand, effectively embodies the role of Chief Minister Prajapathi. Jisshu Sengupta's performance was decent, while Ajay Ghosh and Prudhvi's roles were predictable. Unfortunately, Ajay's insignificant role didn't allow him to showcase his potential, and Uday Bhanu's performance was also underwhelming. 

What worked For The Film:

As said above, Nara Rohith's dialogue diction made a few scenes effective. Though it might look overboard, the scene where the protagonist explains the importance of voting to the public is good. The twist around the CM's assassination attempt in the interval episode was also good.

What Did Not Work For The Film:

The treatment of the screenplay in Prathinidhi 2 lacks engagement. The film relies on a typical mix of elements that are commonly seen in cliched political dramas. It includes potshots against political figures, instances of mining scandals, misuse of public funds, undercover operations, abuse of authority, and flawed investigations. But the ineffective taking and illogical proceedings deviate it from reality. While films like this often aim to shed light on the electoral system, spark discussions about citizen rights and duties in a democratic society, and promote voter engagement, Prathinidhi 2 falls short in addressing these crucial issues, and it does not even make it to a conventional commercial film because of lack of emotional impact from start to end. 

Prathinidhi 2 Review And Verdict:

Prathinidhi 2 is an insubstantial political drama. It suffers from poor writing, inadequate direction, and illogical narration. Except for a few dialogues, the film never holds the audience's interest.

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