Legendary K Viswanath Passes Away

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Legendary K Viswanath Passes Away

K Vishwanath garu is no more. He has taken Telugu Cinema to literary heights. His take on casteism, his take on love, and his take on customs paved way for a new dawn in Telugu Cinema. His films act as a textbook for all young film makers. He had an unparalleled effect on Telugu Cinema making for Generations. K Vishwanath was the recipient of multiple state and National honors. His movies crossed geographical boundaries and reached countries like Russia.  

K Vishwanath born in Repalle Village, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, started his film career in 1951 as an assistant director for the film Pathala Bhairavi . He debuted as a director with the film called Athma Gauravam. He started making women's centered films. It was Shankarabharanam which pushed K Vishwanath into the limelight. Shankarabharanam was a path-breaking musical. Swathi Muthyam, SiriVennela are his other musical blockbusters. K Vishwanath also dealt with social issues and human emotions his film Sapthapadi dealt with caste and untouchability. In his film Shubhalekha he dealt with the evils of the dowry system.

K Vishwanath also directed a String of Bollywood films like Sargam, Eeshwar and etc.

K Vishwanath is also an actor par excellence. He debuted as an actor in 1995 with the Telugu film Shubhasankalpam. Kalisundam ra and others were a few of his films. His last film was Utthama villain in 2015. He has been awarded Padma Sree, India's 4th highest civilian honor in 1992. Actor Chandra Mohan singer SP Balasubramaniam and Shailaja are Vishwanath's cousins

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