Ram Charan - The Global Charmer

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Ram Charan - The Global Charmer

Is it the box office records? Or Is it the versatility of roles an actor played that measure his success?

Whatever the measure might be Ram Charan stands tall. From Ram in Orange to RamaRaju in RRR, From Harsha in Magadheera to Betting Raj in Racha. 
Cherry, Dhruva Siddharth Nayak or Chitti Babu, Ram Charan never shied away from getting into the skin of the roles he choses. 

Be it physical transformation or the ability to get into the character, Mr C always gave his absolute best and won all the accolades. Be it his sky high sucess or ground breaking failure, from his debut in 2007 he has always been a centre of attention and attraction. Ram Charan has been in forefront of box office winners and money spinners. But what makes him truly special is films like Orange Dhruva and Rangasthalam which were full of heart. Despite being one of the biggest stars in Telugu cinema, he attempted a pure love story like Orange and made a film like Dhruva where antagonist goes toe to toe with protagonist.

His authentic performances coupled with his magnanimous real life attitude brought millions of fans to his fold. His intense performances are one of the reason why he is today a global phenomenon. From people wanting him to be the next bond to news hosts asking him to be a part of Marvel his journey has been an incredible uphill ride.

Just imagine a scenario where the lead actor doesnt make a peep for first 40 minutes of the film and yet able to make audiences sit tight in the chairs. That is the hall mark of a great actor. This is exactly what happened in RRR. One of the prime reason why RRR is sold out internationally is Ram Charan’s burning intensity as RamaRaju. And we can only expect this man’s mad command over audience to go higher in #RC15.

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