Garudan - Usual But Effective

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Garudan Movie Review: Garudan on Prime Video

Movie: Garudan
Rating: 3/5
Cast:  Soori, Sasi Kumar, Unni Mukunda, Vadivukkarasi, Sshivada Nair, Mime Gopi and others. 
Director: Durai SenthilKumar
Produced By: Vetrimaaran, K KUmar
Streaming On: Prime Video


Minister Thangapandi (R.V. Udayakumar) plans to acquire a significant piece of land owned by the Kombaiammam Temple. In Kombai, Aadhi (Sasikumar) and Karuna (Unni Mukundan) are lifelong friends, and Chockan (Soori) is a devoted servant to Karuna’s family. Chockan, an orphan who once rescued Karuna, has been integral to both families, managing their matters with unwavering commitment, showing his loyalty to Karuna, and, at the same time, respecting Aadhi's righteousness. The lives of three friends are changed by the selfish plan of Minister Thangapandi and his son-in-law, who create unexpected, drastic, and chaotic situations. The rest of the story is about how Chockan rises above and handles the entire chaos. 


Sasikumar impresses with his usual style and does a commendable job. Unni Mukundan's sincere performance is noteworthy. However, it is Soori who steals the show in the movie. His transition from a loyal servant to a man fighting for justice provides the film's emotional core. He delivers a remarkable performance, continuing his successful streak of serious roles since Vidhuthalai. Vadivukkarasi's brief appearance is memorable, and Shivada Nair makes the most of her limited screen time. 

What worked for the film:

Garuden keeps up a fast pace with very few slow moments. The film effectively portrays the strong bond between the three main characters, intensifying the impact of the betrayal. Chockan stands out with his conflicting emotions. His character is constructed in a way that goes against his natural instincts of loyalty. Additionally, he is unable to lie when his master is present, and his stream-of-consciousness ramblings create some entertaining moments. The sense of guilt and pain that Chockan goes through in the latter half is well maintained, and it adds to the emotional punch when he finally stands tall and punishes the baddies. Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score was good and added value to the proceedings.

What did not work for the film:

The movie's heavy use of graphic violence and bloodshed adds to its intensity but can feel excessive. The constant stream of stabbings and throat cuttings becomes repetitive and loses its impact. Additionally, the plot of betrayal is nothing new and feels unoriginal, as the crucial twists in the second half make the audience remember some old Tamil Movies, one of which had Sasikumar in the lead role.

Garudan Review and Verdict:

Garudan is a meticulously crafted story of deceit and vengeance. The story and crucial moments are regular, but the emotional aspect is maintained well. Soori's Impressive performance and a well-put narrative work for the film, while the predictable feel at times and excessive violence work against it. 

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