Jalsa Special Shows receive outstanding response

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A new trend has started by fans of the Telugu film industry, which is celebrating their hero's birthdays with special premiers of old blockbuster movies. Recently, Super Star Mahesh Babu's pokiri movie was screened specially on his birthday August 9. After that megastar, Chiranjeevi fans have also done the same on his birthday with special shows of His old hit movie Gharana Mogudu.

Now it's the turn of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan fans and they are leaving no stone behind in the planning of special shows for their favorite star's birthday. They are gearing up for special shows of Jalsa on the occasion of the star’s birthday. Jalsa 4K projection shows are planned across the globe.

Coming to numbers, USA pre-sales minted close to 7000$ from 5 locations and 9 shows. The special shows were planned in nearly 28 locations and needless to say it is in rampage mode and might be mostly more shows to be added which will add more fireworks.

Hyderabad bookings too are nothing less than sensational with a total amount of 53 shows with an estimation of collecting 45 lakhs gross, which reiterates the power star's authority and powerful box office stamina. Andhra areas have also shown an excellent trend.

Already main theatres are going advance fulls within minutes of booking opens and mighty Bheemla is showing his rage on the box office this time much to the happiness of his large-sized fans

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