One More Time - WHY NOT?

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There was a time when the distributors and exhibitors used to exhibit old movies once the initial full run of the movie is completed.

This event used to happen after a few years of release when there is room for scheduling another movie or for a festive occasion like Mahashivarathri etc .

These kind of  re-releases  used to  happen with a calculated coordination between  distributors and exhibitors and while the intentions behind were to make profits, it was a delight for fans and movie enthusiasts too to watch their vintage matinee idols once again on the large screen .

Movies like Kshana Kshanam, Khaidi, Raksasudu, Jagadeka veerudu Athiloka sundari etc did great business in their re-releases.

We often used to have re releases of cult classics like Mayabazar, Lavakusa, Sampurna Ramayanam, Keelu Gurram Gundamma Katha, Missamma etc 

Though we have seen similar things happening before, the trend seems to not have taken a new turn from a mere special show once in a while to a full blown re-release by the fans in the name of celebrations.

The idea behind is taking an old hit movie and remastering the print presumably converting the old print and converting it to 4K remastered version and exhibiting on their Hero's birthday.

Recently we have seen Okkadu and Pokiri making a thumping noise on the eve of Super Star Mahesh Babu's birthday, an event when social media was ablaze with the celebration videos of fans. What followed was a re release of the all time Industry Hit Megastar Chiranjeevi's Gharana Mogudu re mastered print, which turned out to be pretty decent , despite having minor technical hicups.

Now coming soon is Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's turn with Thammudu and Jalsa (4K).

Following this now is a strong buzz that there will be a re mastered version of BILLA hitting the big screens soon .

We already heard that there will be a remastered version of INDRA movie releasing next year on the eve of 50years completion of Vyjayanthi movies.

Apparently the old model of re release was calculated but the new trend seem to be instigated or emotional, consequences are awry on twitter. 

Keeping the post release number games aside, fans are saying 


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