Chup: Revenge of the artist - Fairly engrossing

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Movie: Chup - Revenge of the artist


Starring: Sunny Deol - Dulquer Salmaan - Shreya Dhanwantari - Pooja Bhatt and others.

Music: Aman Pant

Producers: Rakesh Jhun Jhun Wala - Jayanthilal Gada - Anil Naidu - Gauri Shinde

Director: R. Balki

Malayalam hero Dulquer Salmaan, who stole the hearts of the Telugu audience with the recent film 'Sita Ramam', now bring us a Hindi film 'Chup'. 

R. Balki who made different films like Pa - Shamitabh - Pad Man directed this movie. Along with Dulquer Salmaan, Sunny Deol - Shreya Dhanwantari - Pooja Bhatt played the lead roles.

'Chup' was supposed to release on September 23 but as a part of promotions there were Public Free View - Premiere Shows of the movie on the 20th which opened up the movie for critical acclaim.


Film critics are brutally murdered in Mumbai city. Crime branch officer Arvind Mathur (Sunny Deol) is assigned to investigate the case. On the other hand, there's a florist Danny (Dulquer Salmaan) who falls for a journalist Neela Menon (Sreya Dhanwantari) and while their love in air, the couple gets connected with a series of murders going on in the city.

Who is doing these murders? Why only the critics are victims? What is the motive behind this? is the plot of the movie.

R. Balki known for making films with different concepts has impressed the audience once again. The trailer cut itself created a curious impact and when it comes to the movie the narration focuses on the story right from start engaging the viewers within five minutes of the film. Then begins an investigation drama which was handled very well by staying put with suspense holding and few satires on the critics here and there.

The first half was engaging and the second half is equally good. Romance track and police investigation part both were handled nicely without missing the essence in both.

A tiny bit of inconvenience towards the end and the rushed climax might leave you with a little dissatisfaction, but an immediate epilogue provides the required emotional satisfaction for the aftertaste.

Dulquer Salmaan is seen as a florist and fan of legendary actor Guru Dutt. The director's use of Dutt references is admirable. Dulquer gave another excellent performance which adds another feather in his filmography cap The charm and the spooky effect he depicts stand amazing.

Sunny Deol is impressive as a police officer and fits the character perfectly,

Shreya Dhanvanthari also gave a good performance. Pooja Bhatt appeared in a cameo and was impressed. Sunny Deol and Pooja share the screen after many years which was nice to see.

The movie was technically sound and background score by Aman Pant is very impressive. Subtle references of Guru Dutts songs was beautiful too thanks to the cinematography and editing departments.

Overall, the performances of Dulquer and Sunny Deol along with the rest of the lead actors, an interesting storyline work in the favour of the Movie. Though the conclusion episodes of the movie needed a better handling "Chup" is still a fine investigative psycho-thriller.

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