A mud-slinging campaign in the cooking against Pawan Kalyan?

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Politics and Cinema have been a tightly coupled bond in Tollywood for decades now and while personalities like NTR have been at the pinnacle positions in the state, many leading or otherwise actors have tried their hand at the same, some successful while some not so much.

While it is already known that Pawan Kalyan has floated a party named Janasena a few years back and has been a fairly active presence in the politics of Andhra Pradesh, it is the noise he is able to generate in the political circles now that has taken centre stage. 

ICYMI, Pawan Kalyan, on behalf of his party, has been conducting a program named Jana Vaani in different districts of Andhra Pradesh aiming to consolidate the issues faced by local public, try resolving them or bring them to the notice of the government. 

One such program has been planned in Vizag earlier this month and this event clashed with a planned program by the ruling YSRCP party, thereby leading to chaos and a serious exchange of words have been made by both the parties for a few days after.

This did not seem to go well with the ruling party’s cadre and leader and buzz now in the political circles is that a mud-slinging campaign is being planned on the Janasena leader and the same might happen through the medium of cinema. The core point of all this news has been the meet of Ram Gopal Varma with Jagan yesterday.

It is already known that the RGV has been an under current supporter of the ruling party, not may be because he is a fan of it but because he is an anti-fan of the opposition parties.

In this context he also made so called political satire movies like Lakshmis NTR and others in which he mocked everyone in opposition of Jagan especially CBN, Lokesh and Pawan Kalyan right befor the 2019 elections

If the pattern is to be followed again, then it may not be long before a parody on Pawan Kalyan’s life is released, especially focusing on his marital life, which unfortunately now seems to be the most important issue in AP’s politics.

Is this the right direction to counterattack an opposition? Do let us know your opinion.

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