Adipurush dragging on and on

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Pan India Darling Prabhas's starrer Adipurush is already a project well known across the movie lovers.

Right from the inception of the movie problems are being stacked up for the team.

Begining with the fire accident in the shooting spot followed by Prabhas's feet / fitness problem and now the Release date problem.

In fact Adipurush was the first movie to announce its release date for Sankranthi 2023, but the series of unfortunate events continued on the team and it had to push the release date now to Summer 2023.

While no reasons have been mentioned officially for the change in date, two things seem to be the primary driving factors, one, the feedback to vfx from the teaser and the second, competition from other releases.

While that's the primary reason, competition from biggies in both Telugu and Tamil seems to be strong for Sankranthi. Megastars Waltair Veerayya and Balayyas Veera Simhareddy are expected to hit the theatres in Telugu and 

We have the Thala and Thalapathy clash with Vaarisu - Thunivu.

These huge clashes are expected to eath the major share of theaters and the derivative "collections".

It is no new news that the team of Adipurush was under a tight scrutiny after the release of it’s teaser as the VFX content did seem to be bad, and cartoonish to say the least. This backlash went to a stage where some vfx companies which were thought to be working for the movie disowned the same stating they weren’t involved with it. This now looks to be the primary headache of the team and efforts seem to be underway to have the quality of the vfx upgraded.

It's estimated that if Adipurush is released in this circumstances for Sankranthi there's no wonder if it ends up a loss venture of approximately 200cr just in case if it doesn't work out.

All said, the movie has now moved out of the race of Sankranthi, leaving fans of Prabhas distraught and they would only be hoping that at least the vfx is improved by bounds so that the postponement would yield them at least something.

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