Ranasthali - Intense Revenge Drama

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Ranasthali - Intense Revenge Drama

Movie: Ranasthali

Rating: 3/5

Cast: Dharma, Ammu Abhirami, Chandini Rao, Prashant, Shiv Jami, Ashok Sanga, Nagendra, Vijay Ragam etc.

Producer: Anupama Sureddy

Direction: Parasuram Srinivas

Fights: Dragon Prakash

Cinematography: Jasti Balaji

Music: Keshav Kiran

Lyrics: Parusuram Srinivas 

Presented by: Sureddy Vishnu

Banner: AJ Production


Basava (Dharma) lives far from his village, and he is on a killing spree of Bhadra's (Shiva) men. The thought of Basava terrifies the rowdies, who Bhadra sends to finish off. Basava's father (Sammeta Gandhi) is a cobbler who loves his son . What's the reason for Basava to be rebel? On whom he he is seeking vengeance ? What does Chakravarty and Sudarshan have got to do all these incidents forms the rest of the story.


The story point chosen by the director Parusuram Srinivas is not new, but the way he expanded it into a story is good. It can be said that he had succeeded in running the murder mystery drama with an interesting narration and also in telling the story interestingly on screen with new actors. 

With a limited budget, the team tried to give a good feeling to the audience as per the quality. Though the first half feels a bit stretched here, and some scenes could have been better, it can be said that the director overcame those shortcomings by writing the story and characters strongly, which helped the emotional impact get better in the latter part of the movie.

The second half is lengthy, but it has all the answers which raised in the first half. The flashback part strengthens the characters and their motives. There are few some gruesome and heavy loaded action sequences which raise the tempo. The movie gets a completeness with nice twists and turns in the final 20 mins.


Dharma in the role of Basava and Chandini Rao in the role of Ammulu have impressed with their performance even they are newcomers. Ammu Abhirami will surprise the audience in the pivotal role. In other roles, Banerjee, Sammeta Gandhi, Shiva as main villain and other actors acted according to the scope of their roles.

Moreover, when it comes to technical elements, the cinematographer Jasti Balaji has captured the emotions of the story with the rustic environment and has shown a good output on the screen. Keshav Kiran has provided the required music for the murder mystery. BGM is a special attraction of this movie. Dialogues were good, though there are many cuss words, they were muted by the censor. Dragon Prakash's Fights composition is good.


Interesting narration

Twists in the second half

Background music

Raw and rustic action sequences


Some boring parts in first half

Heavy violence with gore 

Final Note:

Ranasthali is a revenge drama told with raw taking. It is an impressive output with a new team. Those who like action and murder mystery movies will like this movie. This movie also has mass, commercial, and family emotions which provide a good theatrical experience.

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