'Varisu' Release issue escalated

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Thalapathy Vijay, Rashmika, Dil Raju, Varisu

Varisu has been one film which has not just been the talk of the town for good things, especially in Tollywood. The reason for this is the producer of the movie being a big distributor in the Telugu-speaking states, Dil Raju.

It is already known that Dil Raju is bankrolling this high-budget flick named Varisu with Vamshi Paidipally at the helm and Vijay playing the lead role. Everything was fine until the release date announcement of the film, which happened to clash with two straight Telugu films in the form of Waltair Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy. 

While the clash is not big of an issue, the main concern now for these two movies seems to be the allocation of theaters as Dil Raju is said to have been blocking his good theaters for the film leaving the other two to fight for the rest, even a few bad ones. This now has irked the fans of Tollywood who have taken to troll the two faced comments of Dil Raju when a dubbing film was releasing earlier in Tollywood for Sankranthi.

Vijay though a big star doesn’t just have the market in Tollywood as the likes of Balakrishna or Chiranjeevi and securing such a massive release is unwanted for is what the Tolly audience have to say.

Kolly fans have now entered to have a say in this matter and the discussion of release for future Telugu movies in Tamil Nadu is being bought into discussion stating the claims that there will be hurdles for future Telugu releases in Kollywood if this movie’s release is to be hindered.

The issue went a bit serious when the Tamil Director and Producer Linguswamy gave a warning that if Varisu faces any troubles or issues in the Telugu States, they're will be problems for Telugu movies in Tamil Nadu too and they will not let release Telugu movies even if they're directed by Tamil directors. He said that the situation will be pre Varisu and Post Varisu. This is totally unacceptable response when the movie's Hero and team haven't said anything about the issues.

Considering the pan India appeal of movies now, this sure will not set a good precedent for both the industries as good release becomes critical for a movie’s box office run and along with it.

Dil Raju should be the one to take the sane call here to provide movies with big potential to better release along with securing a good release for his own as well. Blindly releasing a movie with lesser potential in thousands of screens will not work well for his own good as well.

Audience will hope that common sense prevails this Sankranthi and they be treated to some good on screen festival.

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