Allus trying to cast their own shadow?

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Allu, a name once associated with only the Mega tag, seems to now be in a pursuit of making it a brand in itself, thereby also trying to cast it’s own shadow apart from the Mega family.

Chiranjeevi and Aravind have a bond dating back decades and the duo have been extremely successful in building and expanding the tag MEGA, a name so big now that it can easily be considered the biggest fan base in Tollywood. Aravind being behind the screens while Chiru being the face of the brand worked wonders for the team and they never had to look back.

Things slowly started to change with the introduction of Allu Arjun as a hero, of course under the Mega tag, and the hero with his extreme hard work and dedication now stands as one of the biggest stars in the industry, having the current non-Rajamouli highest by his name. And while the hero and his father have always been vocal when asked about them still being on the same terms with Mega, efforts are definitely being seen to also make a name for the Allus and to make them a brand. AA, the trendy logo of the stylish star, seems to also be a step in the same journey which covers three generations of the family name, including Allu Aravind, Allu Arjun and his kids Allu Ayaan and Allu Arha.

A logo would definitely mean nothing but it is not just the logo that is different now. Allu family is said to more be associating with different other big families in the industry than before and Unstoppable show on Aha is only said to be an outcome of the same. In addition,a studio is being planned with the name “Allu studios”, which is said to be a long pending dream of Chiru. While Chiru was the chief guest to the launch of the same which is an indication that there might be nothing between the families, fans are not too happy and are seen taking sides on different social media platforms.

It must however be understood that making a name for oneself is no crime and all efforts being put by the Allus should be appreciated. And if the hero, who’s always said that Chiru is his icon, stands by the same, fans shouldn’t have any reason to take a swing as well.

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