Rao Ramesh's act of generosity towards his staff

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Rao Ramesh is one of the efficient actors in the Telugu Film Industry who can play any role to his fullest potential. He is often seen in a good doting father role, but he played a considerable amount of villain roles too.  

But one real Latest incident proves that he is a hero in real life. Babu, a make-up man who worked for Rao Ramesh, had passed away because of illness recently. Rao Ramesh himself went to the make-up man Babu's house and conveyed his condolences to their family members. Apart from that, Rao Ramesh has provided financial assistance of Rs.10 lakhs. He assured the family that he will be available to them if there any problem comes up in the future.

With this news spreading on social media, netizens are praising Rao Ramesh for his help. Netizens and moviegoers say that all big actors like Rao Ramesh who are privileged should support people who work with them.

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