Alluri - Sincere but Underwhelming

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Movie: Alluri

Rating: 2.5/5

Actors: Sri Vishnu-Kayadu Lohar-Tanikella Bharani-Suman-Raja Rabindra-Prithvi-Ravi Verma-Madhusudan Rao-Jayavani etc.

Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar

Cinematography: Raj Thota

Producer: Beckem Venugopal

Written-Directed by: Pradeep Verma

Story: Alluri Rama Raju is a sincere and honest cop who backs down for none when he's doing his duty. How his honesty lands him and his loved ones in trouble, and how the hero overcomes the hardships in the journey and continues in his journey forms the rest of the story.

The story was simple and very regular kind, the narration went without any major twists and gives a feel of resemblance to many blockbuster police stories earlier came from Tollywood and with such resemblance, the screenplay needs to be coherent which this film lacked.

The director chose kgf kind of screenplay to elevate heroism in multiple and continuous episodes. But that tires down the audience with the hero involved and trying to solve every problem around the globe. 

The idea was sincere to show the journey of a policeman with a mix of realistic dialogues and playing to the galleries kind scenes. But the series of events didn't had the punch except for pre-interval and interval sequences and a few investigating moments in the second half.

The romantic track is bland and doesn’t gel well with the film and the songs act as speed breakers. The songs are bad and bgm could have been better. Editing could be much better, at least 15-20 minutes of redundant scenes could have been trimmed. 

Sree Vishnu bulked up for the role and tried to fit in the role, he doesn’t seem to fit at a few parts but on the whole, his performance is decent. 

Kayadu Lohar is fine and could have done better. Tanikella Bharani and Suman were good, rest of the actors were adequate.

Overall, this movie could have been more real truthful to its main intention. It got trapped in the formulaic narrative and didn't offer. nothing exciting, although it's not a complete bore fest as well. Can watch it if you have a bit of patience.

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